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A Leading Distributor in Specialty Chemicals

Through strong business relationships with major manufacturers, Meridian Chemicals, LLC has become a global distributor for:
  • Crude Tall Oil
  • Calcium Chloride
  • PAVSAV (tm)
Our Company

Meridian Chemicals LLC is an US based distributor of specialty chemicals, including Crude Tall Oil (CTO), Tall Oil Pitch,  Calcium Chloride, PAVSAV (tm)


We are known in the marketplace as a highly capable, competent and dependable supplier.  We have market and technical specialists using their professional experience and collective knowlegde to tailor products and services for various industries.  We have great success at handling timely and accurate orders, providing efficient and quality service at a competitive price.


Meridian Chemicals LLC maintains strong business relationships with global manufacturers.  Our facilities are strategically located around the world and are designed to efficiently load product into rail, barge, tankers, trucks, ISO tanks or flexibags.


We have developed contracts with our partners to ensure a consistent and steady flow of products meeting our customers' specifications and the market's demand.


To learn more about our products and services please refer to the products section or contact Meridian Chemicals LLC.

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