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A Responsive and Reliable Partner Committed to Personalized Services

Welcome to Meridian Chemicals, LLC

Meridian Chemicals, LLC is a worldwide leading distributor of specialty chemicals, including Crude Tall Oil (CTO), Tall Oil Pitch, Calcium Chloride, PAVSAV (tm) and other related products.  We are driven by our strong core values to always provide a personalized service, remain a reliable supplier and increase our global market.


At Meridian Chemicals, our approach is to be your single, reliable and resourceful contact for Crude Tall Oil, Tall Oil Pitch, Calcium Chloride, PAVSAV (tm) and other specialty chemicals.  We serve many companies in the US and Internationally


We are committed to being responsible with world environment and exceeding customers expectations for quality products and services.

Products and services

Our products are strategically sourced to meet customers needs.  We continuously monitor trends in renewable resources markets to ensure delivery of a sustainable and consistent supply of products meeting the needs of our customers.

US Sales
Phone: 913-253-2260
Fax: 913-253-2223
International Export Sales
Phone: 913-253-2260
Fax: 913-253-2223
EU Sales
Phone: 35-840-820-4707
Customer Services
Meridian Chemicals LLC
10955 Lowell Ave, Suite 600
Overland Park, KS  66210
United States of America
Phone: 913-253-2260
Cell: 936-444-6225
Fax: 913-253-2223
Specialty Chemical Distributor - CTO, Hydrogreen, Calcium Chloride
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